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One of our areas of expertise is on UK Sponsorship Licence – The sponsorship licence allows an applicant for permission to employ none European person to work in UK. United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) will review each case and decides on a case by case basis. In the process of application the sponsor require to prove and show the expected duties and responsibilities which undertake.

The new point based system has introduced the UK sponsorship licence which is required under the Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 categories. If you are interested that we manage your sponsorship licence process, you should seek professional advice at an early stage. Our immigration advisors team focuses on helping you to provide documents that are necessary to assess your readiness to make such a sponsor licence application is fully prepared and lodged correctly for businesses of all sizes.

Once we submit the uk sponsorship licence application to UKBA, they would make decisions on applications supported by one of the documents presented to them within the standard six-week timescale for processing an application. Before you apply, you should check whether you are eligible to apply for a uk sponsor licence, and make sure that, you have the right human resource systems in place to comply with your sponsors licence duties. In order to register you as a sponsor, your organization should be a legitimate organisation, meet its sponsor licence duties, and work within the law in the United Kingdom without being a threat to immigration control.

The register of sponsors lists all organisations that have a uk sponsorship licence that the UK Border Agency has approved to employ migrants or sponsors migrant students.

Under the points-based system, if you are an employer or education provider who wants to act as a sponsor, you will need a uk sponsorship licence. Once you get a uk sponsorship licence, you are added to the register of sponsors.